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I really shouldn’t be doing this, because Hollie was gifted by a brand to post about them, but I’m here to tell my own opinion about these books.

Although I was the prime age when Pokémon happened the first time around, getting these books has confirmed that it’s not something I want them around any more. It might seem extreme, but I’ll explain.

So what we have here is a pair of books – one for letters and another for numbers. They each have 100+ flaps for the kids to open up and see who’s inside. It’s all very fun for them. They count and associate letters with sounds, and it makes sense why the book exists.

However, kids that are at the age where they are going to be learning/reinforcing their numbers and letters absolutely do not need to be spending their time trying to learn the names of fictional animal-like creatures, when they barely know 40 real ones. Cameo is 4 and Marlo is creeping towards 3. It’s confusing for them right now.

The kids had a great time going through these books, but every time I was trying to figure out how to say the names of these monkey-like, cat-like and fox-like creations, I kept cringing at the thought of them confusing any of these things for real animals when they’re at nursery. Imagine Marlo thinking a blue frog he came across was a “Froakie”, all because we’d spent too long on animals, instead of what we have in real life.

Pokémon isn’t right for my kids yet. I may change my tune way in the future, but we just don’t want any park of it right now. The one perk we got out of this was hearing Marlo say Jigglypuff. Beyond that, it’s a strong ‘no’ from me.



Suitable for: kids 2-4

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